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`Entering the blogosphere’: some strategies for using blogs in social research.

Nicholas Hookway

Publicado originalmente em Qualitative Research, vol. 8, n. 1, 2008, pp. 91-113. Versão online.

Since 1999 blogs have become a significant feature of online culture. They have been heralded as the new guardians of democracy, a
revolutionary form of bottom-up news production and a new way of constructing self and doing community in late-modern times. In this article I highlight the significance of the ‘blogosphere’ as a new addition
to the qualitative researcher’s toolkit and some of the practical, theoretical and methodological issues that arise from this. Some of the
key ethical issues involved in blog data collection are also considered. The research context is a project on everyday understandings and
experiences of morality.
KEYWORDS: blogs, computer-mediated communication, online research, online research ethics,
qualitative research, social research, weblogs

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