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The presence of stigma among users of the MMORPG RMT: a hypothetical case approach

David Grundy

Publicado originalmente em Games and Culture, vol. 3, n. 2, abril de 2008. Versão online.


In those massive multiplayer online role-play games in which the real money trade
(RMT) is specifically prohibited by the end user license agreement and terms of service,
researchers should be aware of the impact of their work into potentially sensitive topic
areas. If these users of the RMT secondary market feel they are a stigmatized community,
this will potentially directly affect access to data, data integrity, data bias, and the ability
to disclose and disseminate back to the research community. A hypothetical qualitative
case study approach is applied using three separate research elements to aid in the
understanding of why prospective research candidates could potentially feel stigmatized.
Keywords: stigma; real money trade; qualitative research; ethics; MMORPG

Fonte: Games and Culture, vol. 3, n. 2. Abril, 2008.

Autor: David Grundy

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