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Ethnography online: ‘natives’ practising and inscribing community

Sarah N. Gatson & Amanda Zweerink

Publicado originalmente em Qualitative Research, vol. 4, n. 2, 2004: pp. 179-200. Versão online.


The article is an analysis of the methodology used to study a community spawned from an Internet website devoted to a
television serial. In the five and a half years the site was in existence,
its real-time, linear, archived Posting Board spawned a community. Herein, we discuss how our work at the site offers insights into
significant concepts in the practice of ethnography. In particular, we are concerned with such questions as: How much distance is necessary between the ethnographer and her site/subjects? Is
distance necessary? Who is inscribing whom? We also discuss the generative problem of anonymity and how this concern has opened
up our perceptions of ourselves and our field site.
KEYWORDS: ethnographic methods, internet community

Fonte: Qualitative Research, vol. 4, n. 2, 2004: pp. 179-200.

Autor: Sarah N. Gatson & Amanda Zweerink

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