quarta-feira, 14 de fevereiro de 2018 Chamada de trabalhos: Digital Architectures, Tools and Challenges for Collaborative Ethnography

Convidamos todos os.as colegas a inscreverem propostas e divulgarem nas suas redes a chamada de trabalhos para o atelier “Digital Architectures, Tools and Challenges for Collaborative Ethnography” que terá lugar no 18o. Congresso da IUAES que ocorrerá em Florianópolis nos dias 16 a 20 de julho 2018.

A chamada de trabalhos encotra-se em http://www.inscricoes.iuaes2018.org/trabalho/view?ID_TRABALHO=540

Open panel 001. “Digital Architectures, Tools and Challenges for Collaborative Ethnography”


What are the promises and challenges of anthropological engagement in the process of design (and implementation) of digital platforms? In this panel, we will examine the existing architectures and tools for collaborative research in the social sciences and humanities to explore their potential for collaborative ethnography. Alongside questions of technical and methodological nature, we will also inquiry into the ethical and epistemological dimensions of collaborative work online. We invite paper contributions addressing at least one of our topics of shared interest:- platforms for research collaboration on and offline, and their consequences for knowledge-making in anthropology;

- protection of research data and research co-participants, subjects, and ethnographers in face of widespread information security breaches;

- promises and challenges of creating “open ethnographic datasets” to balance wider access with strong data protection;

- open access and free and open source software development for ethnographic research: comparison across cases of world anthropologies.


digital platforms; collaborative ethnography; information technologies; open data; open access.

Languages accepted for paper presentations:
English, French, Portuguese, Spanish
Thematic lines:
08. Anthropology of Science and Technology/Antropologia da Ciência e Tecnologia
Name Institution/Instituição Institution – Country/País
Luis Felipe R. Murillo (Convenor) Institut Francilien Recherche Innovation Societé France
Florence Weber (Convenor) Ecole normale supérieure France
THEOPHILOS RIFIOTIS (Convenor) Universidade Federal de Santa Catarina Brasil

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